2020 World Research Travel Conference Grandly Opened in Leshan, China


The conference was hosted by the World Research Travel Organization (WRTO), which was founded in Canada in 2014. WRTO is a non-profit organization, committed to the study of research travel-related theories and practices, and the promotion of the integration of the world education and travel industries and the development of research travel discipline.

The conference, centering on the current situation, challenges and the future of the development of research travel and focusing on the new pattern of the sustainable development of research travel, grandly released the guidelines and standards of the research travel industry, launched two parallel forums ("Challenges and opportunities of the development of world research travel industry" and "The significance of research travel on the growth of youth"), invited participated guests to experience the research courses of "Tea culture", "Guardian of the Buddha", and "Papermaking technique - an intangible cultural heritage", and shared the results of the development of the world research travel industry.

At the meeting, Professor Yang Zhenzhi, Executive Chairman of WRTO, announced that Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, will be the venue for the next WRTC.

Source: World Research Travel Organization Sichuan Representative Office