Our Deepest Condolences to Mr. Chen Anze


Mr. Chen Anze, director of the Expert Committee of World Research Travel Organization, researcher of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, founder of the discipline of tourism geosciences in China and main promoter of China Geopark, passed away in Beijing at 15:32 on November 10, 2021 at the age of 87.

Mr. Chen Anze was born in Linying County, Henan Province on December 27, 1933. From 1951 to 1961, he studied in Wuhan Geological School and Beijing Institute of Geology. He once served as the judge of the National Geopark of the former Ministry of Land and Resources, deputy curator of China Geological Museum, Deputy Secretary General of China Geological Society, vice president of Tourism Geoscience and Geopark Research branch of China Geological Society, and honorary president of Geoscience Tourism Branch of China Tourism Association. Since October 2019, he has served as the director of the Expert Committee of World Research Travel Organization.

Mr. Chen Anze is not only the main pioneer of tourism geoscience research in China, but also the main promoter of geopark construction in China. His works such as Introduction to Tourism Geoscience, Dictionary of Tourism Geoscience and Principles of Tourism Geoscience, which he led and participated in, are symbolic teaching materials for tourism geoscience education in China, and have made great contributions to the cultivation of tourism geoscience professionals and the promotion of tourism geoscience development in China. He suggested and presided over the drafting of documents such as Technical Requirements for Planning and Preparation of National Geoparks, which effectively promoted the standardized development of national geoparks. With the efforts of Mr. Chen Anze, tourism geoscience research has made great achievements, and tourism geoscience theory has made great progress. Especially in the past 20 years, China's geopark cause has also developed rapidly, which is a milestone in the history of China's geoscience development, the history of China's garden construction and the history of China's tourism development.

Mr. Chens contribution is immeasurable! Since he served as the director of the Expert Committee of World Research Travel Organization for more than two years, he has actively prepared for the establishment of the expert committee, tried his best to guide the work of the expert committee, and made great efforts for the successful convening of the first world research tourism conference in October 2020. He is very concerned about the development of China's research tourism, pays attention to the research travel activities of teenagers, and tries to make China's voice heard in the field of world research travel. The death of Mr. Chen Anze is not only a great loss to WRTO, but also a great loss to China's geoscience and tourism circles. His academic morality of down-to-earth dedication, the lofty spirit of not admiring fame and wealth, and the dedication of caring for the healthy growth of younger generation are worthy of our eternal learning.  

Mr. Chen Anze is immortal!

November 10, 2021